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The Walkabouts, Heywood Trout, Chris Kudela

September 21, 2018 - Doors at 6 pm - Show at 7pm

The Walkabouts
Haywood Trout

Haywood Trout has been described as “a pleasant collision between the Rolling Stones and Cracker, with some funk and punk thrown in”.  Their music is an wide mix of Americana; blues-based  rock infused with straight-up, ballsy, rock-n-roll.

Chris Kudela

Chris grew up in a small blue-collar town in central New Jersey, the youngest of 3 children. So naturally, he did whatever his older brother and sister did, and musically, that meant listening to bands like KISS, Zeppelin, ACDC, the Doors, the Dead, and the Clash. He and his brother used to put on lip-sync concerts in their house with kids from around the corner: "We used to geek out to Destroyer and Zeppelin II—we stuck one of those old neon green fish-tank algae scrapers in the crack of our closet door, and that was our mic stand. Since I was the youngest though, I always had to be Peter Chris, and the only thing they’d let me sing lead on was “Beth”—I'd pout about it all the time. They got so fed up with me whining that they let me sing Love Gun once, and I remember thinking how cool I was! I was like 6 at the time, and I didn’t even know what the lyrics meant—I just knew it was pretty dirty. And of course, any time a curse popped up in any of the songs, we’d shout it at the top of our lungs…what a bunch of little sh*ts! But we had so much fun doing that stuff—we were true fanatics, and it really jump-started my love of rock and music in general."  


General Admission 

 $12 Online or $15 at the door ($.75 online handling fee applies)

Important Ticket Information

1. No paper tickets are mailed. Your name will be added to the Will Call list.
2. Chaplin’s is BYOB. There is a $4 per drinker corkage fee, for those who would like to bring beer or wine. 
3. Doors open one hour before showtime. Unless otherwise specified.
4. No outside food or drink permitted (except alcohol). 

5. Chaplin’s does not allow audio or video recording during live performances.

Reserved Seating

 $15 Online ($.75 online handling fee applies)

Reserved table seating for parties of 3 or more only. Parties of 1 or 2 still have the option to sit at the bar, balcony, or any open table. View Seating Chart for layout of main listening room.

Our Cafe opens at 6pm, and we will hold your table until 6:45.

Please print your receipt in order to redeem your reservation.

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