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Show & Event Booking

THE GEM is open to all types of live entertainment.  We provide a beautiful upscale listening room and a fully equipped stage for your show. Our maximum ticket capacity is 100 (seated) or 135 (standing room).

Requirements for booking:

Ticket sales – All shows are ticketed and compensation is usually based on ticket sales. Therefore, each band is expected to promote and sell tickets. Both the venue and performer share the same responsibility - to fill the seats. 

Promotion – THE GEM provides flyers, social media, email blasts, ticketing, and paper ticket templates to support your promotional efforts. Bands and promoters are expected to promote on their social media and website to reach their fanbase effectively. 

30/30 clause – It's best to avoid booking a show within 30 days of the show date in a 30-mile radius of THE GEM. It is in your best interest not to exhaust your local fan base for future shows. Your show may be subject to cancellation in violation of this clause.

 Booking contact info:
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